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Artificial Intelligence Solution for Neurologists

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Empowering Radiology through AI

Faster Diagnosis, Better Outcomes

A comprehensive artificial intelligence platform providing medical imaging analysis for neuroradiology. Starting with Traumatic Brain Injury patients of all ages, iota ai shortens interpretation times and provides portable access to radiological services.

Delays of a few minutes can mean the difference between a good and poor outcome for brain injuries. By reducing the time needed to initiate treatment, we can make a lifetime of difference to the patient and their families.

Product List

Every year, 69,000,000 individuals worldwide suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury

It is the leading cause of...

If treatment is not given within the Golden Hour, risk of death increases rapidly for these patients

The challenge is to find the “haystack patient” - a patient who needs urgent intervention from the symptoms shown on the scan - amid the pile doctors have to go through each day.

With the iota AI priority sorting system, urgent cases are highlighted and brought to attention in no time.

Once Critical Studies are identified, the clinicians

in-charge will receive a notification on their devices.

Join us on our journey to improve patient outcomes through the use of Artificial Intelligence.
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