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Doctor Operating CT Scanner
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AI platform to transform healthcare
for a billion people

AI in Healthcare will …
  • Prioritise urgent medical cases to save lives.

  • Empower medical specialists to prevent burnout

  • Enable governments & payors to launch effective population health programs.

Analyzing Scans

A global shortage of radiologists

Two-thirds of the planet's population, over 4 billion people, have insufficient access to radiologists.

Due to this shortage, radiologists may experience burnout with a 10% year-on-year increase in scans and workload.

Over 90% of healthcare data comes from medical scans and up to 97% of it is not analyzed.

AI can help to solve some of these challenges.

How does iota AI work to accelerate co-creation of AI solutions?

1. Annotate & Train 

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2. Connect & Deploy 

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Co-creating AI solutions for healthcare

iota ai is an end-to-end platform for radiologists & clinicians to co-create AI solutions with iota and deploy them in hospital & healthcare settings.

Automated annotation of medical images using AI saves precious time for radiologists who are enriching the data prior to training the AI model.

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Case Study

SingHealth, National Neuroscience Institute
How iota collaborated with Singhealth to co-create an AI solution to prioritise urgent medical cases to save lives & improve patient outcomes
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Our Partners

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Join us on our mission to use AI to transform healthcare for a billion people.

Co-create AI solutions with iota today!

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