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Artificial Intelligence Solution for Neurologists

MRI Scans
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Accelerating AI innovation for healthcare


Iota ai is an end-to-end platform for healthcare innovators & radiologists to co-create AI solutions with Iota and deploy them in hospital & healthcare settings.

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AI-Assisted Annotation

  • Automated annotation of medical images using AI saves precious time for radiologists who are enriching data prior to training the AI model.



  • Ensuring data privacy by scrubbing away patients’ identifiers


Secured Store

  • Securely store DICOM and other data files


24/7 Remote Access

  • ​Secure remote 24x7 access that allow researchers to increase efficiency 

  • Support multi-centres research projects

Product List

How does Iota AI work?

1. Annotate & Train 

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2. Connect & Deploy 

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Join us on our mission to use AI to transform healthcare for a billion people. Innovate with Iota ai platform today!

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